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THE AMERICAN LEGION   Ware Co. Post 10  of Waycross, Georgia  



The picture above was taken from an old postcard! It boosts...








Dedicated to the memory of our comrades

who entered the service of their country from Ware County

and who gave their lives in the World War

. . . .

Sponsored by

Ware Co. Post No. 10   American Legion

November 11, 1935 

This Historical Marker is located in Doughboy Park in downtown Waycross

on Plant Ave. (U.S. Hwy 84)  Various post officers and members who were

active in the project to acquire the Doughboy are named on a plaque on the

back of the base.



The meeting room is full of Post 10's rich history. 


 Above is a Charter Membership Roll

presented in 1948 by G.U. and F.P.S. Gates

and a picture of the Testimonial Breakfast

to Harry W. Colmery

National Commander  The American Legion

tendered by Ware County Post No. 10

at the Ware Hotel in Waycross, Georgia on March 19, 1937.


Below is the fireplace and mantel with some of Post 10's awards  



Past Commanders of Ware County Post 10


1919- Warren Lott

1920- Larry E Pedrick                  1930- Thad S Lee                       1940- C E Higgins     

1921- John Henry Lott                1931- E Jack Wylie                     1941- E A Clary         

1922- Paul K McGee                     1932- H Branch Lee, Jr               1942- A B Cason

1923- Q L Garrett                        1933- L C Miller                          1943- Kontz Bennett

1924- B H Minchew                     1934- Herbert L Lewis                1944- Bruce Burch

1925- H J Carswell                       1935- Paul K McGee                   1945- Ed Sapp

1926- J Clem Hardy                     1936- Paul K McGee                    1946-

1927- George E Atwood              1937- H J Carswell                      1947- A W Poulson

1928- John A Rollison                 1938- H J Carswell                      1948- Cleve Mincey

1929- Walter E Lee, Sr                 1939- W W Shackford                1949- Sam Gronto


1950- Clay Morgan                       1960- James Barron                   1970- Wm H Clark

1951- Joe Schrieber                     1961- R L Barton                       1971- James Vining 

1952- Charles Mayo                     1962- S W Parham, Sr                1972- James Vining

1953- B A Hodges/L Cranman      1963- Beach Poole                     1973- June L Sirmons

1954- Charles O Parker                 1964- Beach Poole                     1974- C D Sims

1955- Lawrence M Seaman           1965- E A Clary                          1975- C D Sims

1956- R L Barton                          1966- E A Clary                          1976- C D Sims

1957- R D Kilcrease, Jr                  1967- E A Clary                          1977- Marion S Thorne

1958- Cecil Brewer                        1968- Clyde Roberson               1978- Marion S Thorne

1959- Cecil Brewer                        1969- Russell King                     1979- C D Sims


1980- Henry M Gentry                  1990- Walter E Cordell                2000- James W Hickox

1981- Henry M Gentry                  1991- Henry M Gentry                2001- James W Hickox

1982- Henry M Gentry                  1992- Carroll C Kicklighter          2002- James W Hickox

1983- Samual D Fulford                1993- Carroll C Kicklighter          2003- James E Waters

1984- James E Waters                  1994- James W Hickox                2004- James E Waters

1985- Ernest K Music                    1995- James W Hickox               2005- James E Waters

1986- Ernest K Music                    1996- James W Hickox               2006- James E Waters

1987- Edward L Cribb                   1997- James W Hickox               2007- James E Waters

1988- James E Waters                   1998- James W Hickox              2008- James E Waters

1989- Walter E Cordell                  1999- James W Hickox               2009- Sampie Todd


2010- Sampie Todd


 The Wall of Remembrance in the Ware Co. Post 10 meeting room