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Ware Post 10 of Waycross, Ga



The ladies of the Waycross, American Legion Auxiliary, of Ware County Post 10, are proud to serve our veterans,

our families and our community.

  • Any woman who is eligible for membership in The American Legion is also eligible to join the American Legion Auxiliary.

  • The wife, daughter, grand-daughter, great-grand-daughter,

    mother, sister or grandmother (step-relatives, too) of members of 

    The American Legion, and deceased veterans who served in the   

    Armed Forces of the United States during eligible war eras* may join.


                 *see list of war eras under GETTING INVOLVED



For a memebership application   

 click here 

or go to the American Legion Auxiliary website


We are a member of the Southern Division

             Department of Georgia 




                  The American Legion Auxiliary of Ware Post 10


            Unit President                            Georgia Todd

            Unit 1st Vice President                 Pat Mathis

            Unit 2nd Vice President                Barbara Hickox 

            Unit Secretary/ Treasurer              Sue Kicklighter

            Unit Chaplain                             Marlena Patterson

            Unit Historian                             Lorraine Sheets

            Unit Sergeant-at-Arms                  open




What does the Preamble

of The American Legion Auxiliary Constitution mean?

(For complete meaning go to Auxiliary website)

To uphold and defend..

A pledge of allegiance to the Constitution of the USA. To uphold and defend America is the first obligation of every Legion/ Auxiliary member.

To maintain...

Liberty is not license. Law and order is a must if freedom is to be maintained.

To foster...

Americanism is what makes the USA great and it's people free. It implies qualities of character as well as principles of government.

To preserve...

The Great Wars are to be remembered for their heroes, their victories for freedom, and also the awful tragedies accompanying war.

To inculcate...

The government exists to serve the individual, not the individual for serving the nation, but there must be a voluntary sense of obligation to the nation, the state and the community. The American citizen serves his community, state and nation, not as a driven slave, but as a free man guided by his own sense of duty.

To combat...

Government is to be of all the people and for all the people. America must be kept the country of opportunity for all, where every citizen’s first allegiance is to the nation, not to some social or economic class or mass.

To make right...

The American form of government guarantees equal rights to all citizens.

To promote...

War brings misery to any nation, to the victor as well as the vanquished. We pledge to promote peace and goodwill among all peoples.

To safeguard...

Justice, Freedom, Democracy... These principles are why we go to war. They should not be lost to America in time of peace. Our children must also know and understand these principles.

To participate...

The Auxiliary pledges its full strength to the support of The American Legion.

To consecrate...

The Auxiliary works to achieve the Legion’s purpose.